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First appointment

Typically lasting 45 minutes (15 minutes assessment and 30 minutes treatment), the first appointment is aimed at establishing the cause and origin of musculoskeletal dysfunction through a thorough subjective and objective assessment. Depending on the issue, a variety of assessment techniques can be used.

  • Firstly, an in-depth history of your condition will be obtained, during this phase of assessment, the therapist will carefully listen to the complaint relating to your pain/disorder, you will be asked some questions relating to the current and past medical history.

  • Following this, the therapist will utilise numerous objective assessments (Manual muscle tests, Range of movement assessment, Special MSK tests, Neurodynamic tests, palpation).

  • Following the MSK assessment completion and diagnosis, the therapist will treat the dysfunctional area using the most appropriate therapeutic modalities.

Consecutive appointments

Lasting 30 minutes, at the beginning of the appointment, a quick, 5-minute reassessment will be used to establish the progress of your improvement, with the majority of time spent in treatment, to ensure that you get the best possible outcome, the physiotherapist will continue with the application of rehabilitative treatment.

What to bring?

Physiotherapy assessment and treatment requires clients to undress the effected body area, therefore, for your own comfort, please bring shorts. You will be provided with private space where you can change your clothing.